Privacy policy

1. Collecting data

Our site is collecting information of You by using chat and Google analytics. When you register to our site, log into your account, pay, writing a post or quiting your account. The collected data includes you name, e-mail address, phone number and/or bank card number too. The normative regulation for the data collection is the Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Information of Public Interest. The aim of the confidentiality is included in the agency contract, as well as the services and obligations guaranteed by the Company, enforcing the rights, identifying the clients and communication with the clients. Apart from this, we are automatically accepting and recording data from your computer and browser, including your IP address, software and hardware background, and the site requested by you.

2. Using the information

Any data collected by us can be used:

  • For personalizing user experience, and to adapt to the personal needs.
  • To customize ad content
  • Developing our website
  • To improve our user services and the quality of customer service
  • To get to you by e-mail
  • To participate in promotions, survey, competitions

3. E-commerce privacy policy

We are sole proprietors of the data collected on our website. We are not selling, trading, giving, transfering or consigning it to any company for any reason without your express authorization, except if it is needed to fulfill an order/transaction (e.g. delivery of an order).

4. Third party regulations

We do not sell, trade or consign the personal identifying data in any other way for third party. This may not concern the third parties, who are taking part in editing our website or managing our business, until they are treating the data confidentially.
We believe that sharing these personal informations are obligatory in case of investigation, prevention of illegal activities, assumed fraud or situations which violates health or physical intactness, the rules of website usage or for any – legally defined – reason.
Although, non-private data can be consigned to third party for marketing, advertising or any other use.

5. Data protection

We are using a wide range of security measures to ensure the safety of you personal data. We are using a state-approved encryption method to protect the sensitive information transmitted online.
The VPNMentor is protectiong the data offline too. Only employees with special scope of activities (e.g. billing or customer service) get accees to personal identifying data. The computers/servers which we use to store sensitive personal information, are kept in a safe environment. Do we use cookies? Yes, our cookies enhance access to our website, and help to identify the recurring visitors. Besides, our cookies improve user experience by following the users and their interests. This cookie usage nonetheless is not connected in any way to the sensitive data on our website.

6. Unsubscribing

We are using the e-mail address given by you to send occasional company news, product informations, updates and informations related to your order. If one day you decide that you want to unsubscribe from recieving e-mails, there is a detailed instruction at the end of our emails which helps you to do so.

7. Consent

By using our website, you consent to the regulations of our privacy policy.

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